Capacity Tracker/Care Home Live Bed State Portal

The web based portal is designed to support minimising delayed transfers of care by enabling Care Homes to instantly share their live bed state and enable hospital discharge teams and other stakeholders to rapidly find available nursing and residential beds which significantly improves the speed and efficiency of finding capacity at the time it’s needed. It can also help dispel some of the myths about what care home bed capacity is and isn’t available.

To help discharge teams and others make more informed choices when finding and selecting a Care Home, search results are displayed based on increasing distance from the user-defined postcode. The results also incorporate updated Care Home CQC ratings and contact details for each of the Care Homes that meet the search criteria.

Care Homes are in complete control over what capacity they declare and also how often they update their bed state in the Portal although we do ask that this is done as soon as possible to reflect the most up-to-date status possible. Care Homes also have the ability to instantly publish key operational messages through a message board such as temporary closure or inability to accept admissions after 5pm etc.

As NHS and Local Authorities come to terms with the issues that need to be addressed to minimise reported Delayed Transfers of Care, this Portal enables more informed discussions to take place about the short and longer-term solutions, based on live capacity data and powerful reporting capability.

Introduction to Capacity Tracker by NHS England

Online demonstration of the Live Bed State Portal (by NECS)

Note: The Care Homes Live Bed State Capacity Portal has been designed by NHS North of England Commissioning Support (NECS) in collaboration with NHS England (North).