About Capacity Tracker

Launched in 2019, Capacity Tracker is a single data capture platform that offers valuable insights into the most needed support and its locations. It is designed to assist individuals in making informed choices, preventing unnecessary hospital stays when discharge to their own home is not feasible.

Real-time Vacancy Updates:

Capacity Tracker allows health and social care teams to quickly access provider vacancies throughout England in real-time. This helps minimize Delayed Transfers of Care, freeing up acute beds for other patients and reducing the burden on hospitals. Providers can easily update their information, saving time and preventing unnecessary calls.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics:

The platform includes a comprehensive suite of reporting and analytical tools, offering strategic and operational market oversight and intelligence at national, regional, and local levels.

Covid-19 Response:

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Capacity Tracker was mandated by the government and provided valuable insights to support providers in dealing with the crisis.

User-driven Evolution:

Capacity Tracker continues to evolve based on input from health and social care partners and system users. Close engagement with user groups ensures that the Tracker meets their changing needs and priorities.


‘‘It’s in the patient’s best interests to give them accurate information to help them make the choice that is best for them and Capacity Tracker does this. It takes away the confusion individuals and their families often associated with finding a care home and having the ability to search out of the area is an added benefit.’’
-Diane Ashton, Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Foundation Trust

‘‘Capacity Tracker is an excellent example of how a digital portal can have a significant impact on some of the day-to-day challenges faced by health and social care staff.’’
-Ruth Holt, NHS England / Improvement (North East and Yorkshire) Director of Nursing/Independent Care Sector Regional lead

Key Features
  • Strategic and operational market oversight and intelligence at different levels.
  • Platform for various care providers to make their vacancies and critical information visible.
  • Direct access to video calls for rapid discharge to care homes and improved patient care.
  • Flexibility in capturing broad data sets for audit and infection control processes.
  • Value-added services during the Covid-19 response.
Value and Benefits
  • Provides valuable insights into the most needed support and its locations.
  • Reduces Delayed Transfers of Care and the time spent searching for vacancies.
  • Fast, secure, and free for providers and stakeholders.
  • 100% Integrated Care Board and Local Authority coverage for cross-boundary repatriation.
  • Enables real-time updates and access 24/7 from any internet-connected device.
  • Supports targeted support and collaborative working across the health and social care system.
  • Improves patient care by expediting discharges to care homes, hospices, and rehabilitation providers.
  • Adapts to new ways of working, including the Trusted Assessor model.
The Need for Capacity Tracker
  • Increasing demand due to the growth in the aging population.
  • Real-time insights enable better-targeted local, regional, and national support.
  • Financial pressures affecting care providers post-Covid-19.
  • Encourages collaborative working and efficiency in the health and social care system.
  • Improves discharge times and patient care, aligning with post-pandemic changes in healthcare practices.
Capacity Tracker is a UK Based System and access is not available outside the UK.